System Integration

High-Throughput Automatic Assembly Machinery

Development and production of high-throughput automatic assembly machinery to produce a transmission

The ambitious target for this machinery consisted of throughput of over 18 million parts per year. This high figure required parallelization of the production process. In so doing, singling out the various components was particularly complex as well as the quality check for each individual step in the process. An additional challenge was posed by fast convertibility of the machine for components.

Despite these exacting demands, we developed and produced this machinery in only 28 weeks. Following this brief development period, the system was put directly into smooth production, in which the target was achieved of manufacturing 18 million parts per year.

Project Standards

  • Throughput: 18 million parts per year
  • Feeding in housings, springs, and ball bearings
  • Preheating housings to specific temperatures
  • Introducing springs and ball bearings
  • Testing for compressive force
  • Automatic sorting and packaging

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