System Integration

Analytical Systems for Microparticles

Small scale assembly of various devices to analyze microparticles

Our client required various analyzing devices that we manufactured in small-scale production.

Creative Instruments took over complete production all the way to final assembly including packaging.

Nevertheless, we first had to establish the basis for assembly-line production of devices developed by our client. Taking over this commission involved augmenting and restructuring the construction drawings contained in the documentation as well as preparing parts lists to purchase parts from other manufacturers.
It also involved preparing the documents to accompany production as well as establishing a packaging concept and inspection procedures.

With the startup of operation, final inspection, and final documentation, we brought the project to a successful conclusion.

Project Standards

  • Preparing complete documentation for production
  • Procuring and producing parts
  • Preparing inspection procedures
  • Preparing packaging concepts
  • Implementing assembly-line production

Additional Answers to Questions Posed by Our Clients

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