System Integration

System Integration

Sometimes our work is like a gigantic, extremely demanding puzzle.

This applies in particular for integration of larger machines or systems in an existing workflow. In such cases we would also be your main contact for individualized solutions. After we have worked out the framework and a concept together with you, we then implement this promptly and cost-efficiently.

Our competencies in system integration cover the following:

Technologies to automate process flows

  • Liquid handling
  • Handling of parts
  • Monitoring sensors

Integration of technologies into overall systems

  • Control software
  • Compiling and evaluating data
  • User interfaces
  • Overall system tests and final acceptance

Reference Projects

Imaging & Signal Detection Systems for Beads

Additional imaging system for automatic analyzing devices to develop input materials and validation.

Analytical Systems for Microparticles

Adoption of a prototype, including preparation of a release test, documentation on production, and assembly-line production.

High-Throughput Automatic Assembly Machinery

Development and production of high-throughput automatic machinery to produce transmissions