Processing Technology

Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

It is not always a matter of reinventing the wheel. In the previous case, we were given the task of further developing a functional model:

Specifically it entailed a workstation for parallel synthesis of up to 96 oligonucleotides, which had to be optimized for use in production routines. The objective was to produce the system in a small batch. In this connection, there were two challenges: firstly, the short realization period of only 12 months – including commissioning and validation. Secondly, we should involve the client’s human resources as little as possible.

As offered, we would only need a capacity of a few man-days on the part of the client. After making information available to us to compile a Product Requirements Document (PRD), the client would then first be needed again for the review, the final system inspection and validation.

We succeeded in rebuilding the machine while taking all of the safety aspects into account and in adhering to both the budgeting plan as well as the timetable. The concept of the machine assembly was based on a risk analysis and was double-checked with the German safety inspection authorities (TÜV) in respect of protection against explosions and other safety standards.

As requested, we also improved service and maintenance possibilities by means of a concept for diagnosis, upkeep, and spare parts. In standby mode on-site, for example, regular inspections are now conducted on the fluidics elements through flushing routines. It also contains preventive measures, such as replacement of parts subject to wear at regular intervals.

Project Standards

  • Improvement of reliability and prevention of cross contamination
  • Safety aspects, such as protection against explosions, were to be taken into consideration
  • Clear separation of the fluidic, electrical, gas and pneumatic systems
  • Simple operation and overview for users
  • Diagnostic, upkeep and spare parts concept for easy service and maintenance of these devices on-site

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