Processing Technology

Gluing Machine for Array Chips

Requested: A device for joining and bonding two components to a final array chip for life sciences and clinical diagnostics.

Creative Instruments has been charged with the task of preparing a concept for routine production of array chips. In doing so, the challenge lay in particular in the process of bonding as well as in optical quality control.

After the concept had been prepared, it was inspected with regard to these critical technologies. For this purpose, special testing devices were developed and built. The tests proceeded successfully and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Our solution: The glued joints can be inspected with the aid of special equalizing optics and lighting technology. We combine multiple exposures from different angles in order to be able to position the structures at the proper focal level with image-processing routines specially developed for this purpose. Potential flaws can thus be reliably detected.

Project Standards

  • Developing and realizing gluing technology
  • Developing and realizing optical quality inspection

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