Processing Technology

Processing Technology

We not only think systematically, but we also think in terms of systems.

That is particularly useful in our main focus, namely process engineering. The reason is that in this field everything revolves around technical processes, in which products are created from raw or starting materials. We have specialized in just such cases, in which this takes place by means of utilizing chemical-physical or biological processes.

Within the processing technology, we have special know-how in the following areas

  • Fluidics and micro-fluidics
  • Mixing
  • Controlling temperature at specified levels
  • Low contamination and contamination-free processes
  • Highly sensitive detection procedures to identify analytes
  • Mechanical handling of parts
  • Systematic, integrative development of consumables

Realized Innovations

Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Optimization and small-scale production of a fully automatic system for oligonucleotide syntheses.

Gluing Machine for Array Chips

A fully automatic device for routine production with integrated quality assurance by means of innovative optical processes