Analytics / Liquid handling

Samples Aspiration Needles with Integrated Preheating to Specified Temperatures

In order to reduce dead volumes for aspiration of samples, a coaxial needle has been designed. In this way, it was possible to reduce the surfaces making contact with the samples while at the same time permitting integrated heating of the samples to specified temperatures.

Creative Instruments has constructed a complete samples-aspiration and dispensing system, including a mechanical arm for a diagnostic analyzing device.
This specially coated aspiration needle has been enclosed within a temperature-controlled water jacket. This ensures that samples are precisely preheated to a specified temperature. Furthermore, the coating on the inside of the aspiration needle guarantees minimum risk of carryover of the samples in compliance with the exacting standards of clinical diagnostics in the range of <2×10 ^-7.

Project Standards

  • Reduction in dead volume thanks to integrated heating of needles
  • Minimum risk of carryover thanks to coating of the aspiration needles and cleansing procedures

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