Detection of the most varied parameters in liquid flow and analytical systems is our forte with any and all analytical questions. With our know-how we will support you to master any challenges in the areas of:

  • Photonics and optics
  • Physical parameters (Temperature, pressure, weight)
  • Fluid parameters


At the beginning of our development work, together with you we will work out an understanding of what you intend to detect and which factors can affect the results of the measurement, regardless of the scale or in which context you wish to measure. We have comprehensive know-how and extensive experience in the field of optics. Trust our expertise, in particular with respect to highly sensitive detection of 1D and 2D luminescence and fluorescence.

Reference Projects

Fluorescence Detection Real-Time PCR Lightcycler® 480 Instrument

Highly sensitive parallel detection of up to 5 measurement channels in 1536 samples

Detection Modules

Optical module to develop input materials and validation in clinical diagnostics

Liquid Handling

You are seeking quick, uncomplicated solutions in the area of liquid handling. We can support you with comprehensive know-how and technological vision. In so doing, our focus will be on high-precision pipetting as well as on various techniques for mixing liquids. We have also mastered capturing and resuspending magnetic microparticels as well as fast temperature-controlling of small amounts of liquids with maximum homogeneity.

Reference Projects

Coupling Technology for Oligonucleotide Syntheses

Flexible mechanical coupling of channels with sealing surfaces optimized for aggressive substances

Progressive Protein Concentration Sytems µTFF

Chamber for Micro-Tangential Flow Filtration (µTFF) with Pressure Sensors and Concentration Measurement in Real Time

Samples Aspiration Needles

Aspiration of samples in clinical diagnostics with simultaneous heating of samples and reduced risk of carryover

Analytical Systems

Precision from A to Z: We know the factors that are decisive in system development of analytical processes – and consistently make use of this know-how. In so doing, we have benefitted from our extensive experience in developing and realizing automated analytical systems and automation devices, for example for blood analyses in clinical diagnostics.

Reference Projects

Foam Recognition

Detection modules and algorithms for recognizing formation of foam in clinical diagnostics

High-Resolution Melting Curve Analytics

Development and validation of an algorithm for reliable automated interpretation of data sets

Single-Cell Detection

Optical module and assessment algorithms for highly sensitive detection of individually marked cells in large volumes