TCS – Temperature Control System

Measuring absolute temperatures with maximum precision has been essential for development projects. As we could not find a system on the market that met our requirements, we have developed our own system.

From our experience in developing and producing high-precision real-time PCR thermal cyclers, we know that various factors affect the precision and reproducibility of temperature control. In addition to other disturbing factors, thermal coupling of the temperature sensors onto the thermal blocks, for example, can decline over time. The effects of aging on the individual Peltier elements can also influence the homogeneity of the temperature control. A change in reaction efficiency is possible even with deviations of <0.5 °C from an absolute temperature, which in turn can have an influence on the sensitivity and reproducibility of the entire assay. This applies in particular for the annealing phase of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In order to achieve the high absolute accuracy of +/- 0.3 with a resolution of 0.05 °C over a temperature range of 20 to 95 °C, a clean thermal coupling must thus be ensured between the thermal blocks and the measuring heads.

Client-specific Solutions
Our measuring heads have originally been developed for one of the most utilized micro-plate formats with 96, and/or 384 reaction spaces. A customer-specific design for the measuring plates is necessary so that thermal blocks for other types of micro-plates can be measured. We would gladly make this altered measuring plate available to you together with measurement software that has been correspondingly modified. In so doing, we ensure that precision and the reproducibility of the results remain unchanged.

Applications of TCS
TCS can be used in a variety of ways: When using it in conceptual studies, you ensure that your decisions are based on real data. In developing devices, it can be used as a reliable measuring device on the way from a functional model to the prototypes. Various software options also enable the TCS system to be utilized for final inspections or for service calls in the field.


  • Measurement range: 20 °C – 110 °C
  • Absolute accuracy: <0.05 °C
  • Measurement system in an aluminum carrying case
  • Software to collect measurement data with real-time displays of the temperature conditions
  • Optional client-specific alignment of measuring heads and software possible


  • Very compact and robust
  • Individual configuration of the sensors is possible
  • Measurement as a rule without dismantling of device parts possible
  • Maximum absolute determination of temperatures over the entire surface
  • Provision of individualized software interfaces possible whenever necessary

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Our real-time PCR thermal cyclers have convincingly proven effective thanks to their greater thermal homogeneity in the dynamic and static phases with minimum deviation over the surface of the thermoblocks.