Customer-Specific Realtime PCR Thermal Cycler (OEM)

You are an experienced developer of pcr assays for research or diagnosis and would like to obtain the best from your assays? You will benefit from our extensive experience in the development and production of thermal-cycler and detection modules for real-time PCR.

Tempering with Maximum Dynamics and Homogeneity
Our real-time PCR thermal cyclers have convincingly proven effective thanks to their greater thermal homogeneity in the dynamic and static phases with minimum deviation over the surface of the thermoblocks. This homogeneity remains unchanged over the entire service life of the thermoblocks, as we use a special control system to compensate for the various aging effects of the individual Peltier elements.
In addition, our efforts in developing and producing our thermal cyclers has resulted in optimum comparability from device to device. Of course, this applies both to correct temperatures and to outstanding detector sensitivity.

Flexible Formats
Our thermoblocks were originally developed, using one of the leading microplate formats with 96 and/or 384 reaction spaces. Nevertheless, our concept offers greater flexibility in terms of size and geometry. This permits volume, speed and sensitivity to be optimized according to your specific needs or to your preferred consumables. It is also possible to develop a closed system, specially tailored to your needs and wishes.

Convincing Detector Design
The detector system with its specific lighting and detection arrangements ensures maximum sensitivity and stability for signal detection. Thanks to this unique sensitivity, it is possible to reduce dye concentrations significantly, while maintaining detection limits. At the same time, a reference system provides maximum signal stability, which in turn permits robust signal evaluation with weak reaction processes.

We are experienced in the development and production of detection modules for almost all common detection formats and dye combinations. The design has been well thought out and can simplify your work in many ways. Thanks to optimized filter designs in multiplex assays, detection channels do not have to be calibrated.

Easy to Produce with Low Maintenance
From decades of experience in development and production, we know that sophisticated design leads to a product that is easy and economical to manufacture. At the same time, we keep an eye out for easy serviceability. This lowers maintenance costs and, in combination with the excellent quality of our components, ensures a very long service life.


  • Easy integration into your analytical systems
  • Maximum sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility of the results from device to device
  • Flexible for customer-specific reaction vessels and plate geometry
  • Detector design permits multiplex assays without calibration
  • Faster development of assays at lower cost
  • Low maintenance costs and long service lives

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