Our company is closed starting July 1st, 2021. We thank our customers, suppliers and employees for their trust and support.


Analytics, Processing Technology & System Integration

To the point

The more complex the task, the more it appeals to us. We will develop and implement the exact solution that you need. Scientifically sound and, of course, certified according to your quality standards and ISO 9001.

In all directions

Your question is interdisciplinary? So are we. Because our team consists of specialists who are enthusiastic about science and technology as well as physicists and experts in electronics, precision engineering, software and optics.

For new dimensions

You need a processing system that does not yet exist on the market. Wonderful. For just the thought of it sets our brains to working full blast. We will advise and support you in our highly motivated way. Even beyond the conceptual phase – all the way down to small-scale production, commissioning and customer service.


Some people can think outside the box. Others have an unconventional way of thinking. If all of that is still not enough for you, come and talk to us. Because we will consider your question on the most varied levels, in every dimension, and will then bring your solution exactly to the point.

Our Answers to Your Questions